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How do I fix the handles on my wooden pottery molds?

wooden pottery tool

Have you just received your wooden pottery molds and can't wait to use them? That's normal, but take a few moments to attach the handles to make your tools even more convenient to use! In this article, we'll show you how to correctly fix the handles of your wooden molds. Then it's on to easy pottery!

Why aren't the handles on my wooden molds already attached?

Here at Axel&Bois, we do indeed have the capacity to fix the handles of your wooden molds ourselves. You're right: it wouldn't increase the cost and would ensure optimal fixing.

However, many people buy these tools online, and it's absolutely essential to protect them during shipping! So, not only does not fixing your handles make your shipment more secure, but it also reduces the volume of your package, and therefore the associated transport costs.

Do I need to use glue to fix the handle on my mold?

When fixing the handle of your wooden mold for the first time, glue isnt obligatory, but recommended. With the use of glue, the handle will remain durably fixed over time and your pottery mold will be much easier and more practical to use.

Simple wood glue (vynilic glue) is perfect for this operation. You can find it at any hardware or DIY store.

What do I need to attach the handle to my wooden mold?

To complete your pottery mold, you'll need just a few tools:

mushroom anvil pottery

Fix the handle on my wooden mold in 4 steps:

You're almost there, here's the tutorial for attaching your handle to your wooden tool!

First step: checking your work surface.

Make sure you have a clean work surface to avoid damage on your tools. You can place your rag under your tool to make sure you don't damage it.

handle wooden poterie cup mold

Step 2: adding wood glue.

Add a small amount of wood glue to the inside of the tool hole. Not too much, not too little! There's no need for the glue to overflow, but make sure it's present on all the sides of the notch!

fix handle wooden pottery mold

Step 3: Fitting the handle to your wooden mould

Insert the handle and check that it is aligned straight. Then gently tap it in with the mallet.

wooden pottery mold handmade

Step 4: Finishing touches after attaching the handle to your mold.

Moisten your rag and wipe off any excess glue. Wood glue can be cleaned with water, without the addition of other materials.

handle wooden pottery mold

Your wooden pottery mold is ready!

Is it done? Yes, we recommend that you allow the glue to dry for 1 hour before using your mold. The glue will be completely dry in 24 to 48 hours.

Now you can use your tools to create a wide range of cups, bowls and plates.

wooden pottery mold

As you can see, once you've received your wooden mold, it's very easy to finish it off and insert the handle. It's much easier to use with the included handle, which attaches quickly and easily to the mold. Very few tools are required. If you don't have any wood glue, you can temporarily fix your handle without it and still use your mold. However, the handle may come off after a while. This gives you plenty of time to obtain wood glue at your local store.


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