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Wooden pottery tools and molds

At Axel&Bois, we offer wooden tools and molds for pottery. Our workshop believes in exploring new creative possibilities. Learn more about the history of our wooden molds, their advantages and the different techniques for using them. Let your imagination go wild and create unique pieces that will delight art and nature lovers around the world.

The historical use of wood for molds

Let's step back in time and discover the fascinating history of the use of wooden molds in pottery.

For centuries, craftspeople have exploited this technique to shape pieces with perfect forms and warm textures. The use of wood to create pottery molds goes back to ancient times, when potters used hollowed-out sections of tree trunks to bring their creations to life. This tradition has continued through the ages, with variations and improvements made to the techniques used to make wooden molds.


The benefits of using wood for your molds

Sustainability of your wooden molds

One of the main advantages of wooden molds is their longevity. Wood is a strong, resilient material, which can withstand prolonged use. Unlike plastic or plaster molds, wooden molds keep their shape and functionality for many years, offering excellent long-term value.

To conclude, choosing to use wooden molds in pottery goes beyond a simple shaping technique. It's a conscious choice that combines the beauty of natural materials, durability and a commitment to eco-friendly practices. By using wooden molds, potters can express their creativity while respecting nature and contributing to a more sustainable way of life. At Axel&Bois, we value this ethical approach and strive to provide high-quality wooden molds, made with respect for the environment and traditional craftsmanship.

Our wooden pottery molds and tools

Axel&Bois offers a diverse range of wooden molds to meet your creative needs. Whether you want to shape bowls, plates, cups or other unique forms, we have the ideal wooden mold for you. Discover the different features of each type of mold and how they are used in the pottery-making process.

Techniques for using wooden molds

To create unique pieces, it's essential to master the techniques of using wooden molds. In this section, we'll guide you through the process, from preparing the mold to finishing the piece. Learn how to apply clay accurately, remove molds with care and add your personal touch to achieve outstanding results. We'll also share practical tips and tricks to optimize your use of wooden molds.

Cup molds

Mushroom anvils

Pottery tools

Check out our blog for more tips

Check out our blog for tips on using and caring for your wooden pottery molds! Wooden molds offer fertile ground for your imagination. Let nature inspire you and explore the many creative possibilities these molds offer. Customize them, experiment with new shapes and textures, and create unique pieces that reflect your artistic style. At Axel&Bois, we encourage unlimited creativity.

Caring for your wooden pottery molds

To guarantee the durability of your wooden molds, it's essential to take good care of them. We'll give you practical advice on the proper cleaning, drying and storage of your wooden molds. By following these simple tips, your wooden molds will accompany you for many years of inspiring creations.

Regular maintenance and cleaning

Occasional care, treatment and protection

Mistakes to avoid

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